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Stovax, Wanders, Brosely, Woodwarm, Charnwood and Dovre


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Please Note: Dimensions (where stated) are Width x Height x Depth. They are for guidance only, and just apply to the version of the heater illustrated. Many heaters are available with a choice of flat top, low canopy or high canopy. Some models come with adjustable legs and some with a choice of power outputs that affect the size of the heater. Please contact us to confirm the dimensions of the heater you require before ordering.



Steel Stoves


Stockton 3


Stockton 4


Stockton 5


Stockton 5 Midline

389 x 510 x 338mm   389 x 572 x 338mm   481 x 544 x 335mm   481 x 600 x 294mm
The Stovax Stockton range of stoves use cast iron for the airtight doors and main firebox components, and heavy gauge steel for the body to produce exceptional performance, control over combustion and value for money. Every stove, except the (Matt Black only) Stockton 6 Highline, is available in a choice of four colours: Matt Black, Metallic Blue, Metallic Brown and Metallic Green.




Stockton 6   Stockton 6 Highline   Stockton 7  

Stockton 7 Inset Convector

456 x 609 x 380mm   456 x 1020 x 380mm   536 x 580 x 385mm   582 x 603 x 495mm
All stoves in the range are available in Cleanburn wood-burning and multi-fuel versions, with multi-fuel kits available for several
of the wood-burners, offering the user a choice of fuels. Boiler options are available for the Stockton 6, 7, 8 and 11 models with
maximum heat outputs from 6kW to 11kW.
Stockton 8   Stockton 8 Inset Convector   Stockton 8 Double Sided   Stockton 11
624 x 911 x 411mm   724 x 635 x 514mm   628 x 620 x 507mm   759 x 1100 x 467mm



Cast Iron Stoves

Brunel 1A   Brunel 2CB   Brunel 3CB   Sheraton   Regency Medium
385 x 524 x 290mm   437 x 640 x 335mm   550 x 685 x 330mm   550 x 597 x 375mm   950 x 800 x 696mm
The Stovax range of cast iron stoves features attractive designs cast into the panels. They are all available in matt black with an optional Midnight Blue or Laurel Green enamel finish available on many models. All of these stoves are available as wood-
burners or multifuel burners. Maximum heat outputs range from 4kW to 9kW and the Brunel 1A, Huntingdon 40 and Regency
stoves can be supplied with an optional boiler.





Huntingdon 25   Huntingdon 28   Huntingdon 30   Huntingdon 35   Huntingdon 40
452 x 590 x 402mm   510 x 700 x 485mm   553 x 592 x 502mm   570 x 730 x 485mm   650 x 750 x 555mm


Wanders appliances utilise the latest in design and manufacturing technology, ensuring that they are built
to meticulous standards. The Soleo wood-burning stove shown here is covered by a 5 year warranty.
Most of the range is around 80% efficient and provide heat outputs of around 7kW.
The Solea stove rotates through 360 degrees so you can point it towards where you are sitting in the room.

The Hercules range of cast iron multifuel stoves can provide heat outputs of up to 30kW.
Back boiler options allow you to heat between 9 and 22 radiators whilst still allowing 2.5 to 3kW
to heat the hot water tank.  Sizes: 740mm x 750mm x 395-560mm depth, depending on output.


4.5kW  (8,000Btu)   6kW  (25,000Btu)   9kW  (38,000Btu)   12kW  (45,000Btu)
The WOODWARM FIREVIEW range of multifuel stoves are constructed from steel with cast iron fittings and feature the
company's excellent air wash system. "Pre-heated air, after
circulating the stove, flushes down the double-glazed door,
keeping the glass perfectly clean at all times - even at low temperatures". Every model can be supplied with an optional
canopy except for the "Fireview Inset" stoves (similar in style
to the 4.5kW model pictured above) and rated at 4kW or
6.5kW. A wide range of colour options is also available.
16kW  (54,000Btu)   20kW  (70,000Btu)
The figures in brackets refer to the maximum heat outputs available from the optional boilers for each model. As it is important to choose the right stove to match your home heating requirements, in particular the balance between the room heater and the number of radiators, please ask us for assistance.


Low Stand Store Stand Centre Stand   Cove 2   Cove 3
The Cove series of woodburning stoves come with a choice of three bases and an optional multifuel grate. They are available in a choice of eight colours, with outputs from 8kW to 12kW.
The Island series burn logs and offer outputs from 6kW to 12kW.
They offer a choice of top or rear flues and
are available in a range of colours.
  Island I   Island II   Island III

Country 4  (4kW)   Country 6  (6kW)   Country 8  (8kW)   Country 12  (12kW)
416 x 545 x 242mm   510 x 605 x 363mm   526 x 614 x 508mm   633 x 793 x 472mm
The CHARNWOOD COUNTRY range of multifuel stoves are designed for clean burning, efficiency
and easy maintenance. Every model is designed to burn wood, or solid fuel with an optional drop-in
grate. The optional back boiler on the Country 4 will heat a domestic water supply or two small
radiators, as will the Country 6.
The Country 8 model and above are designed to provide a domestic hot water supply and full
central heating systems. The boilers on these models are fully integrated for maximum efficiency
and longevity.
An optional canopy is available on the 6, 8, 12 and 14. It is fitted as standard on the Country 15.

Country 14 and 15


655 x 882 x 487mm



The SLX is a multifuel stove with a more contemporary feel and
sophisticated operation. It is available as either an inset or
freestanding stove in two sizes.
The SLX 20 is purely for room heating and the SLX 45 has a
thermostatically-controlled integral boiler that delivers a heat
output sufficient to power 8 - 9 radiators.
Available in a black enamel finish or a choice of eight colours.

Both models: 548 x 608 x 536mm



250 & 250CB   425 & 425CB   500 & 500CB   640CB
455 x 560 x 405mm   550 x 700 x 445mm   560 x 665 x 435mm   635 x 760 x 550mm
The Dovre range of cast iron stoves features Multi-fuel and Clean Burning Woodburning (CB) models. Several are also available as gas-burners (see the Gas Stoves page). All the body castings come with a 5 year guarantee.
With heat outputs of 5kW and 8kW respectively, the 250 and 425 come in a variety of colours. The 500, available in black only
produces up to 7kW features a separate ashpan door and a choice of clear or lattice front door. The 640's side door allows logs
of up to 50cm in length to be loaded into the stove. It produces a maximum of 10kW.  
700 & 700CB   760CB   1CB   2CB   350CB
710 x 705 x 520mm   780 x 800 x 580mm   541 x 1055 x 478mm   520 x 890 x 450mm   430 x 715-775 x 475
The 700 also features a side door for loading longer logs. It produces up to 11kW. The 760 produces an output of 13kW. The tall design of the 1CB allows for logs of up to 37.5cm in length to be positioned in a "wigwam shape". It produces an output of 10kW. The smaller 2CB produces 8kW and the 350CB produces 6kW.
The wide door on the 360CB gives an excellent view of the flames. It produces 8kW. The fan-assisted double-sided 2510 is ideal for new build or major renovation projects. It produces 9kW of heat. The 2520 is single-sided but still fan-assisted. It features a bow fronted glass door and produces 11kW of heat.
360CB   2510   2520   1800
542 x 685-745 x 475   730 x 610 x 410mm   690 x 595 x 430mm   530 x 850 x 340mm
The 1800 is ideal for smaller fireplaces and rooms and can either be supplied with a canopy or can be built-in. It has an output of 8kW. The 2000 has the option of a back boiler and produces up to 11kW. The 2300 is shown here free-standing but can also be built-in. It produces 9kW.
The 2400 is shown here as built-in and can also be supplied as a self-standing stove. Both models can be supplied with a single "panorama" door or bi-fold doors with 4 windows. It produces 9kW of heat. The 2700 features a powerful convection system where heat from the cast iron panels is ducted through outlet grills above the fireplace. It has an output of up to 10kW.
The door on the 2900 glides up and down on a counter-balanced system for easy loading of fuel. It produces up to 12kW of radiated heat and, like the 2700, incorporates an Air Convection Chamber which allows you to duct air to other parts of the room.
2000   2300CB   2400CB   2700   2900
725 x 1280-1350 x 550   630 x 1040-1270 x 520   635 x 830-1220 x 535   725 x 1105 x 540   985 x 1005 x 690mm

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